Colour and Shapes

My path to art came in a round about way. An unconventional art teacher at school, a painting circle during GDR times with Otto Knöpfer, a failed application to study painting at art school.

Then for many years I have worked in my trained profession as translator and later as web designer.

Some years ago a re-start at the printing workshop with Alexander Hartmann, Leipzig artist. Oil painting, life drawing. Then courses with Irish artist Pauline Agnew and US-American artist Melinda Cootsona.

My paintings range between semi-abstract landscapes and expressive figurative art. I experiment with various techniques and materials. With colour I am looking for expressions of feelings, of how I see the world.

Why painting?

A moment of resistance against transciency.

So I paint I am.


  • born in Arnstadt, Germany
  • since 1984 based in Leipzig
  • Leipzig university English and Portuguese
  • since 2002 freelance web designer
  • since 2015 I have again concentrated on painting and drawing
  • 2015 – 2017 oil painting and life drawing courses with Alexander Hartmann, Leipzig artist
  • 2018/2019 courses and workshops with Petra Watzlawik, Leipzig artist
  • further courses since then with Pauline Agnew – Irish artist and with Melinda Cootsona and Caren Ginsberg – US-American artists


  • 2021  Nacht der Kunst, Leipzig
  • 2021 (February – August) exhibition in the chapel of the Helios hospital Meiningen
  • 2019 Nacht der Kunst, Leipzig